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Curriculum vitae


Name: Børge KjeldstadBørge på MTS

Born: 02.02.1970

Address: Trondheim, Norway



Master of Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 1997
Bachelor of Arts, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2005



My book Return to the beginning describes how i became a painter artist and why I paint as I do. Also available in Norwegian.


Exhibitions and projects

Exhibition at NTNU Accel Startup Incubator.

Exhibititon in the medieval vaulted cellar in Parkgården.

Chernivtsi Summer school, Ukraine., July 2016

Operation Claymore Memorial Exhibition in London., March 2016

Exhibition "Urban talk" at Stovner senter Oslo., December 2015 - January 2016

Exhibition at Rustkammeret 2015

Exhibition at Trondheim Open 2014.

Exhibition as part of the official Olavsfestdagene program, Trondheim, July 2012

Group exhibition at Phoenix Bird Temporary Art Hall in Trondheim, January 2012.

Trondheim Open October, 2011. The arrangement has a focus on the professional art scene in Trondheim.

Exhibition at Akademiet High School in Drammen. The exhibition and the artist was a part of the exam for third grade students. June 2011.

Group exhibition at Pirsenteret innovation and business centre in Trondheim, May 2011

Supported by the Royal Norwegian Society of Science and Letters, May 2011

Exhibition at Mannhullets Shipping Conference, Studentersamfundet in Trondheim, March 2011

Exhibition at Lofoten Cultural Center in Svolvær, March 2011

Exhibition at the open source community's Artsprint at the Academy of fine Arts Vienna, Austria, February 2011 (also a cool presentation here)

Participating in a government supported one-year program on business development for artists, 2010/11

Exhibition at the RUKA student festival in Trondheim, 2010

Group exhibition at Råkvåg, 2009

Exhibition at NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet Suhmhuset, 2008

Open studio in Trollskogen at the Storås festival, 2008

Winner of Sparebank1 Midt-Norges TÆL-grant within the art category, 2006

Anti art event in the Nidelva river in Trodheim, 2002

Exhibition at Studentersamfundet i Trondhjem, 2000.

Invited speaker at art meeting at Studentersamfundet i Trondhjem, 2000


Børge is also the CEO of Carrycut