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Exhibition at Manhullet's Shipping conference

Exhibition at Studentersamfundet in Trondheim Tuesday Mars 15th.

I will have an exhibition during the student organization Mannhullet,s Shipping Conference. Exhibition place is The Student Society Studentersamfundet's great hall. The exhibition is a part of my work to persuade the marine technology environment, especially in Trondheim, to develop their science on the internet like for instance Linux is developed. I have myself previously taken a masters degree in naval architecture, and I was on the first team from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology who won the prestigious Dr. James A. Lisnyk International Ship Design Competition in New York.

Acrylics on canvas, 55x46 cm, 2011

Open meeting places and wiki solutions on the internet enables greater participation and innovation. I believe that the first marine technology research environment who starts with collaborative internet-based design will receive significant attention and interest.

The exhibition will show paintings from the Fishbowl series which earlier this year was exhibited at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna, and during the student festival RUKA at the Marine technical research institute in Trondheim last autumn. In addition more new paintings will be displayed.