Free your mind

An exhibition investigating how people with foreign background can be included in work life

It is an advantage for all parties that people have work if they are legally allowed to be in a country. Employing foreigners and being employed as a foreigner is also a great way to overcome suspicion and disbelief between cultures. But how can the barriers for employing a foreigner be overcome? Seeing possibilities is a good start.


In this exhibition I contrasted paintings inspired by drawings and buildings made by kids playing freely, with paintings of tragedies in the lives of people falling outside society and victims of extremist ideas.


For a couple of years I have observed the things my kids build with wood bricks. In the beginning I tried to teach them how to do it. Like making a door, having a roof and maybe some Greek columns. But that made them lose their interest in the bricks. So I let them build freely from their own fantasy. Then I saw  their liberated minds make creations more spectacular than I could imagine. Was this possible because their minds were not fixed in the set pattern my adult mind have?


I think yes. And I think the fixed mind sets of many employers too are causes to lost opportunities.


Two weeks prior to the exhibition I was able to put theory into practice by employing two Polish students for rehabilitation of the building where the Phoenix Bird Temporary Art Hall was. It was a great success.


The free your mind exhibition was part of the official Olavsfestdagene program in 2012.